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‘Stay Tuned’: Author Shares How to Balance Faith, Family and Career In Debut

“Stay Tuned” by Nick F. Nelson is a self-help book that details not only how to find success at work but also how to achieve spiritual and mental balance in life, both of which are crucial to a well-rounded existence. In the book, Nelson uses intimate examples from his own experiences to illustrate the premise that true success in life is about balance, making this more than just a simple instruction manual.

As the Chief Marketing Officer of LIQUID SOUL, Nelson has produced targeted marketing and communications strategies for some of television’s highest-rated shows and more than 20 No. 1 box office films. So, he knows firsthand the importance of life balance in this hectic world and has outlined beautifully in this book how to achieve it.


Each chapter is well-organized and ends with a set of takeaways that highlight the most important lessons to be imparted. And while the book is targeted toward Black men, its message will benefit Black women as well. In the book, Nelson addresses life’s challenges not just from the perspective of a business executive but also from that of a father, son and community leader. This approach gives the book depth and likely will make it resonate with people from all walks of life.

“Stay Tuned” details how to:

  • Find your purpose
  • Find a work/life balance
  • Understand why your last name is more important than your first
  • Be a leader
  • Brand yourself and build/protect your personal reputation
  • Be present in life
Nick F. Nelson

Nick F. Nelson has released his debut book, titled “Stay Tuned: Balancing Faith, Family and Career without Compromising.”

“On the outside, we appear to have it all together. but on the inside, we are emotionally and physically exhausted,”
— Nick Nelson

The book’s purpose is to serve as a guide for Black men and business owners who share Nelson’s issues and it has received high praise from some quarters:

“In today’s world of literature, there are so many books geared toward self-help, motivation and self-discovery. Nick’s book is refreshing because it goes beyond a simple “how to” and shares real life experiences that the average reader can relate to and glean important keys for success from.” — Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr., Founder, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International; Senior Pastor, Changing a Generation Ministries

“Nick’s message in this book is an important one. Success isn’t about just winning at work and making money. It has everything to do with balance in your life. This is a good read for anyone looking for all-around success!” — Rob Hardy, CEO, Rainforest Entertainment

“‘Stay Tuned’ is an incredibly open and honest book that details the challenges that we as men face trying to figure it all out. Nick’s transparency through his personal stories, followed by his words of wisdom at the end of each chapter, will inspire both men and women and spark a national dialogue on the importance of prioritizing one’s family and personal well-being.” — Len Burnett, Co-founder, Uptown Ventures Group

Black men in general will find something to take away from this book, whether they are a Fortune 500 CEO, in the process of starting a business or even unemployed. There are books you read over and over in your life. This definitely will be one of them.


Dr. Dionne Mahaffey is an Atlanta-based writer, business psychologist and founder of The WhereU app. Follow her on Twitter @ATLcelebrity @WhereUCameFrom

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