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Invasive TSA Pat Down Nearly Brings CNN Pundit Angela Rye to Tears

Staunch Democrat and CNN Political pundit Angela Rye posted footage of an uncomfortable encounter with a TSA agent Dec. 15, sparking a social media discussion about invasive searches while flying.

In the short 1-minute clip, Rye can be seen being examined by a female TSA agent. The woman patted down Rye’s hair, arms and waist while slowly moving down the back of her body to clear Rye for boarding.

“I fly several times a week and this has never happened, so it’s alarming,” Rye says. “But I hope you can understand … that it was alarming.”

The agent then turned her attention to the front of Rye’s body and began the process once more. But this time, she paid a little too much attention to Rye’s private area, patting her twice near her genitals.

While the agent aggressively searched Rye, the officer filming the incident tried to console the commentator, telling her that he was searched in a similar fashion recently. Rye did not respond.

Rye told her follows what happened using the hashtag TSAVaginaMonologues.

According to Rye, the incident started when the advance imaging technology (AIT) flagged her private region.

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