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The Gullah-Geechee Are Being Forced Out of Ancestral Lands By City

Like other Black people in America, the Gullah-Geechee, who have strived to stay in touch with their traditional West African roots, are dealing with rampant gentrification in their ancestral homelands.

The land stretching from Sandy Island, South Carolina, to Amelia Island, Florida — called the Gullah-Geechee corridor — has become a hot spot for land developers looking to cash in on the popular tourism destination. So, the city has imposed a sewer fee on the residents of Plantersville, South Carolina, an ordinance that puts cash-strapped homeowners in a financial bind.

This most recent ABS original will dive into the history and culture of the Gullah-Geechee, as well as the recent developments that threaten the way of life of these remarkable people.

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