Former Disney Star Launches Into Profanity-Laden Tirade Against DJ Vlad for Exploiting Black Artists

After a late November interview with DJ Vlad went viral, “That’s So Raven” actor and rapper Orlando Brown wants the media mogul to pay up and stop stealing from Black culture.

During a Dec. 7 interview with All Def Digital, Brown launched into a tirade for the ages accusing the popular DJ of not paying interviewees and taking advantage of other Black entertainers.

“That n—a’s a Mason. F-ck him. He don’t even want to pay me,” Brown says. “You ain’t never had so many millions on your sh-t in life, p—y ass n—a. When I see you, I’m gonna knock your a– out.”

In the past, Brown has agreed to sit down with Vlad for several interviews. And every time, Brown delivered the views and clicks along with the revenue. The latest interview from Nov. 22 featured a graphic story about Brown and Raven Symoné and working for Disney as child actors.

For a little over two minutes, Brown hurled one profane jab after another as the hosts retreat back into their seats.

“You’ve made hella money off me, n—a. You suppose to split that s—, n—a,” Brown says.

Brown urged the DJ to be a man and pay up. Additionally, the entertainer mentioned contacting Vlad on social media about the issues he had, but there was no response.

“Who’s getting paid? None of the motherf–king artists that sit on his couch. All he’s doing is exploiting Black motherf–kers and keeping the money,” Brown rants. “Be a man, n—a. Be a man.”

He added that Vlad has made a career stealing from Black men.

“He’s stealing from these young Black men. And f— you, Vlad. ”

According to All Hip Hop, other artists and media moguls have echoed Brown’s sentiments, including Jay Electronica and Damon Dash.

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