Marc Lamont Hill Tickles CNN Panel with Take Down of Trump Surrogate Over Ben Carson’s Qualifications

On the Dec. 5 edition of “CNN Tonight,” political commentator and professor Marc Lamont Hill skewered Trump surrogate Kayleigh McEnany for insisting that Ben Carson is qualified to be the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

In the short clip, Hill reminded the panel that Carson turned down a position in Trump’s Cabinet in November, claiming that he was inexperienced and unqualified to lead a federal department. Carson apparently changed his mind and accepted the HUD position, which President-elect Donald Trump announced on Monday he would offer him.

“First of all, you [McEnany] said that [Carson] is extremely qualified, but you explain all the ways he is a really talented neurosurgeon,” Hill says. “Being a neurosurgeon does not make you qualified to be the head of HUD.”

Hill is not convinced that Carson’s skills and talents as a surgeon are transferable to his new position. “Leadership skills are not transferable,” he says. “Ghostface Killah is the leader of Wu-Tang Clan. LeBron James is the leader of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That doesn’t mean that they should be the leader of Housing and Urban Development.”

Then, the commentator added that having lived in public housing does not give Carson — or any person, for that matter — the credentials to run HUD.

“By that logic, half of Black America should be head of HUD,” he says. “It doesn’t make sense.”

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