5 Pieces of Rosa Park’s Civil Rights Legacy That Are Deeper Than That Singular Moment On a Bus


5. Because the history books describe Rosa Parks as a quiet and passive woman, one would assume her personal hero was Martin Luther King, Jr. or Harriet Tubman. She deeply admired both, but Parks described her personal hero as Malcolm X. She and Malcolm had a lot of the same political views. Parks and Malcolm had their last meeting one week before his assassination.

Source: With contributions from “The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks” by Jeanne Theoharis.

I am Robyn Murrell, a 22-year- old broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M University from Palmetto, Florida . The narrative of African- Americans in history was written before we earned the opportunity to contribute to it. My personal goal is to contribute to the rewriting of our narrative and tell our story as only we can tell it.

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