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Racists In Training: British Granny Leads Grandkids In Profanity-Riddled, Anti-Black Chant

When people ask if racism still exists..

NOTE: To clear up a few questions we’ve been asked,

– We do not own this video nor do we know the parties involved. We found it on Twitter and re-shared on Facebook in hope of it reaching a wider audience.
– We DO NOT condone this behavior or any form of racism at all. We are an Youth Urban Media platform which has been supporting ethnic minorities since 2009.
– We posted this video with the intention of it going viral and reaching authorities. We’ve been told the police are now investigating the video and looking for the woman in question, which to us is great news.

Posted by GRM Daily on Saturday, November 26, 2016

A British grandmother and her grandchildren took part in a racist chant berating Black people in a now-viral video posted Nov. 26.

In the short 30-second clip, two of the three children, neither older than 10 years old, chant along with their grandmother. For nearly 20 seconds, their chant is inaudible, though, because of their thick English accents.

Many Facebook users could not understand what they were saying until the end. British user Will Davies commented that the grandmother and two children were doing a South London Millwall soccer team chant. Other users pointed out that “F–k ’em all” is repeated by the young boy in a policeman’s uniform and his grandmother.

Near the end of the clip, you can hear the same young boy yell, “You f—ing Black c–t!” unprompted.

The video, posted by Facebook user GRM Daily, has garnered an estimated 8.5 million views in just under a week. GRM Daily also posted a caption denouncing racism of this nature and informing readers that a police investigation is ongoing.

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