Businessman Joyenel Moise Wins Haiti’s Presidential Elections

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES Image caption Jovenel Moise came first in last year's election, which was annulled

Jovenel Moise came first in last year’s election, which was annulled

Joyenel Moise polled 55.67%, well ahead of closest rival Jude Celestin’s 19.52%, to win Haiti’s most-recent presidential election, provisional Electoral Council Chief Uder Antoine has announced.

Jean-Charles Moise secured 11.04% of the vote, while Maryse Narcisse garnered 8.99%, he added.

The election was held on Nov. 20, more than a year after the results of the previous election were annulled following allegations of widespread fraud. That vote, in October 2015, also was won by Joyenel Moise, but opposition challenger Celestin called foul and, after violent unrest, the ballot was annulled.

Violent clashes also have marked the wait for results of this latest election, as Interim leader Jocelerme Privert appealed for calm ahead of the announcement.

“Resorting to acts of violence can only spoil the fruits of the beautiful day we had on Nov. 20,” he said.

Privert was appointed by Parliament in February after the incumbent president, Michel Martelly, stepped down at the end of his term. Joyenel Moise was Martelly’s chosen successor.

Haiti has been blighted by political instability and poverty for decades and is still struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake in 2010. Tens of thousands of people still live in temporary shelters, while cholera has caused nearly 10,000 deaths.

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