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Minister Farrakhan Riles Up Audience After Explaining the Impact Trump’s Presidency Could Have on Black Community 

The Nation of Islam’s Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a much-needed lesson to Black people during the Thanksgiving holiday, addressing President-elect Donald Trump.

In a nearly 5-minute clip from Farrakhan’s Nov. 20 closing remarks at the Black World Conference in Newark, New Jersey, he asks the audience if they are free or just pretending to be.

“See, you’re not a slave no more,” he starts. “… I’m not no slave. I said I’m a free Black man.  I go where I want to go, when I want to go and with who I want to go with. We don’t have to take that kind of attitude today. Either you’re free or a slave masquerading like you’re free.”

After receiving a thunderous ovation, Farrakhan discussed Trump and the white backlash stemming from his election-night victory.

“He [Trump] is putting in place the very thing that will limit the freedom of others. But that’s what you [Black people] needed,” he proclaims.

The Nation of Islam leader added that Black people needed a wake-up call to stop petty squabbles over religion and differences to fight for real freedom.

“… We ain’t gonna argue over religion. [They] don’t know what the hell it means anyway. But freedom means something. We can talk about religion when we are free.”

By the end of the clip, he tells the audience that Black people can go back to Africa, but we paid the price in America. In reference to Paul Robeson, Farrakhan said that the Black struggle is here and Blacks ain’t leaving.

Ultimately, he urged Black men and women to have the fortitude and courage to take back their communities, stop fighting the wars of their enemies and control the organs of Black power.

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