Jordin Sparks Engages in War of Words After Commenter Takes Aim at White Mom

Jodie Jackson with daughter Jordin Sparks (@jodijax/Instagram)

Jodie Jackson with daughter Jordin Sparks (@jodijax/Instagram)

Singer-actress Jordin Sparks got defensive on Thanksgiving Day after a commenter took aim at her white mother. The back-and-forth occurred on Instagram Nov. 24 after Sparks posted a video of her mother, Jodie Jackson, holding a handgun.

In the clip, the singer explained she showed up to Jackson’s home just before 1 a.m. Because no one ever knocks on the front door, Jackson protected herself by greeting her daughter with a firearm. The pair laughed about the encounter after the fact, which is shown in the video.

“WHEN TRYING TO SURPRISE YOUR MOM FOR THANKSGIVING GOES HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY WRONG!” Sparks captioned the post. “Omggggg! I didn’t mean to scare her. Lmaooooo ? @jodijax, I’m sorrrrryyyyyy [sic].”

While many fans found the situation humorous, one individual zeroed in on Jackson’s race.

Camille Cook, known by the username @backontrack_wls, described Sparks’ mother as an “average white woman.”


The description irritated Sparks, who fired back, “my mom is anything but average. Try again.”


Then, Cook asked for a more accurate classification for Jackson. “Dang I’m just calling it as I see it,” she added. “I support u and ur music [sic].”


In response, the American Idol winner didn’t hold back on the array of ways she sees her mother.

“You must not see yours as such since you can so easily call someone else’s ‘average,’ ” Sparks shot back. “Also, don’t come at me with ‘I support you’ when you insult my mom and can’t even spell my name right. Thanks.”


Cook simply had this reply.


Additionally, she took aim at Sparks’ failed relationship with rapper Sage the Gemini in February.


Meanwhile, the star’s fans backed her including @callhalinda_.


“Someone always has something ignorant to say,” wrote @mixedgirl_96.

User @annicemichelle focused her attention on supporting Sparks.

“Sweetie, don’t worry about trifling folks,” she wrote. “I thought your mom was hilarious.”


Sparks seemed appreciative of her fan’s support but clarified she never felt worried about Cook’s opinion.


Cook, however, stood by her remarks. She explained her statement was “clearly taken out of context.”

She also credited herself for giving Sparks’ Instagram page views.


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