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George Zimmerman Thrown Out of Cigar Bar After Telling Owner: ‘I Didn’t Know You Were a N*** Lover’

After George Zimmerman was acquitted in the 2012 death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, the 33-year-old has been involved in a string of run-ins with the law.

The latest incident occurred Wednesday at the Corona Cigar Company in Sanford, Florida. According to News 6, authorities were originally called out to the bar because of a disturbance involving a woman in Zimmerman’s group.

However, the officers’ focus quickly changed after they heard Zimmerman and a waitress engaged in a shouting match. While the deputy was in the back reviewing surveillance footage, he went to the front and witnessed Zimmerman yelling at the waitress, per police. But this incident was just one of many incidents he was involved in on the night of Nov. 9.

News 6 reports that the bar’s manager wanted Zimmerman to leave and have him trespassed for causing trouble earlier that night. According to deputies on the scene, he hurled racial slurs at the manager. At one point he stated: “I didn’t know you were a n—r lover.” Allegedly, Zimmerman’s entourage used racial slurs toward other customers throughout the night.

Then, there was another incident. This time a patron approached the 33-year-old with his hand extended in an attempt to say hello. But Zimmerman brushed him off. Subsequently, the man tapped Zimmerman on the shoulder and words were exchanged.

Moreover, Zimmerman became belligerent with police while trying to fill out a sworn voluntary statement form. He claimed the officer was incompetent and announced his intentions to sue the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. In addition, he’s filing a compliant against a deputy on scene.

“I want to press charges. The narrative on the front is true and correct. Officer Nickell is an incompetent officer under qualified to flip burgers,” Zimmerman wrote in the police report.

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