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D.L. Hughley Isn’t Leaving America Over Trump’s Win, Explains Simple Reason Why

On ABC’s “The View” election night special, comedian and political commentator D.L. Hughley skewers America for electing Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

During the special yesterday, Hughley points out the glaring similarities between how people seem cool in person but their Facebook profiles tell a different story. He draws the conclusion that there were a large group of silent Trump supporters. And now, the ugliness has reared its head.

“Well, I think that it was always going to be close,” he starts. “… I think that America, we know now that grabbing a vagina is not as bad as having one to some people. I think that people say one thing out loud and do another thing. Like, this is Facebook. You know how people pretend to be all cool, and then you read their stuff? This is us reading America’s e-mails out loud.”

Then, Hughley states that he will not leave this nation like other people have proposed. Social media has been set ablaze from inquires about immigrating to Canada after Trump takes office next year. However, he is not interested whatsoever.

“My daddy survived Jim Crow, I can survive Donald Trump … I think — only in America would your qualification for having the biggest office in the world be not being qualified.”

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