After Not Learning Any Black History on Guided Tours in London, This Man Launched his Own

Black Briton Tony Warner decided to create Black History Walks (BHW) after participating in prior walks that excluded the rich impact Black people had in London.

In a Nov. 2 profile with Channel 4 News, Warner talks about what is like being Black in London and not knowing your own history. ” I think it’s very important for people’s self-esteem, for their sense of worth and for their sense of knowledge,” Warner tells reporters.  “I’d done a couple of the regular tourist walks and there is hardly any mention of Black people … So I set up my own about nine years ago now.”

The founder and curator takes a group of willing students hungry to know about Black history on a walk through the bustling city. He reveals that the Church of England was directly involved with plantation slavery. According to him, “The money they made from their plantations, would often be invested in churches back in England.”

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