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Stephen A. Smith Says What Everyone Else’s Thinking About Lil Wayne: Why Ask him About Politics?

ESPN sports commentator and journalist Stephen A. Smith does not understand why media outlets insist on asking people like rapper Lil Wayne and boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. about race.

After a recent interview with ABC’s “Nightline,” the rapper condemned the Black Lives Matter movement because he felt unconnected with its message.

“I am a rich m—–f—– n—–,” Wayne said. “If that don’t tell you Black lives matter these days, I don’t know what it is.”

Atlanta Black Star reported that Wayne has apologized for last week’s comments claiming that he was agitated with the interviewer’s questions regarding his daughter.

“Would you have any problem with your daughter being called a b— or a h–?” ABC’s Linsey Davis asked Wayne.

The New Orleans rapper reportedly did not want his daughter being used to make a case about his music’s lyrics degrading women.

“I’d have a huge problem with that,” Weezy replied. “But I’ve never called certain females [out of their name] unless I got a real big problem with her a–.”

During an interview with YouTube user Barbershop Conversations, Smith does not criticize the two entertainers but points out that people should not be surprised by their answers.

“… Lil Wayne made news the other day … It wasn’t pleasant to watch. He came across really bad which he ultimately apologized … You went to a musician who had his issues with drugs and alcohol and you are going to throw a camera in his face and ask him to be a conscientious observer who is articulating … thoughts about stuff that goes far deeper than he may have been ready to go at that particular moment in time.”

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