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Conservatives Lose Their Collective Minds After Beyoncé and Jay Z Stump for Clinton

After pop culture icons Beyoncé and Jay Z campaigned for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, FOX News hosts, commentators and guests unleashed an onslaught of criticism aimed at the Clinton campaign.

The criticism stems from the campaign’s alleged hypocrisy for denouncing Donald Trump’s sexual rhetoric but praising the two entertainers’ lyrics.

This storm of backlash came after a Nov. 4 Clinton campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio where supporters were graced with a concert featuring Beyoncé and Jay Z. In the video mashup by John Whitehouse, Fox regulars Sean Hannity, Betsy McCaughey and others have a hissy fit about Jay Z’s vulgar lyrics.

The conservative commentators squabble over lyrics like: “F with me you know I’ve got it … You turned into the mother F-er greatest. If you feel like a pimp N-word go brush your shoulders off.”

Furthermore, the conservatives in the mashup also imply that Clinton does not say what she means. Commentator Todd Starnes says Clinton “portrays herself as a sanctimonious church lady in a white pant suit. But when the lights go down she turns into this political party girl doing the diva twist and shout. And I think people are starting to see through that.”

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