Farrakhan Explains How Hollywood Made Interracial Relationships Desirable, Is he Right?

Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan comments on Black people’s obsession with dating and marrying outside of their race.

In the short excerpt from Sunday’s Oct. 30 sermon, the minister tells his parishioners that marrying Black should be the utmost important thing Black men do. However, Farrakhan explains why there is an attraction to white women and men in the first place.

“Black man,” he starts. “While you were on the plantation … it must have been something looking at the white woman. Smelling so sweet. Your woman smelling nasty because she been sweating in the field picking cotton all day. And you looking at Miss Anne with thoughts … There’s a lynching party for you. Now, God don’t want you intermarrying with them … God respected white people who wanted their race white. We sure want to keep ours from being further mongrelized … ”

By the end of the clip, Farrakhan urges Black men to love Black women because Hollywood, he says, has brainwashed Black people into thinking interracial relationships are preferable.

“Get yourself a Black Woman! God don’t want you intermarrying with White women. We want our Black woman! Our Black woman is so beautiful!”

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