White Liberals Were Asked How Voter ID Laws Are Racist and They Fail Miserably

Comedian Ami Horowitz journeyed to Berkeley, California to ask white liberals about the racism behind voter suppression laws around the nation.

On the Nov. 3 edition of FOX News’ “Ami On The Street,” the comedian exposes benign racism seen in white progressives as they call out Republicans.

In the 4-minute clip, interviewees rattle off various reasons the voter ID laws are racist. However, in their attempt to prove that the laws are harmful and keep Black people from voting, they make outrageous statements that could be considered racist.

Some of the interviewees state that Black people do not have access to cell phone data to use the internet on their phone. Two men claim that Black people do not have state-issued IDs in the first place.

And one woman insists that Black people may not know where the Department of Motor Vehicles is located. Others went on to say that Black people did not have the money to pay an internet service provider or use the internet to get an ID.

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