Whoopi Goldberg Skewers Trump’s ‘Delusional’ Campaign Manager in Clash Over ‘Rigged’ Election 

On the Nov. 2 edition of ABC’s “The View,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway spar over the real estate mogul’s claims that the 2016 presidential election has been rigged and hijacked.

In recent weeks, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been rocked by the ever-growing email scandal that has dominated her campaign. The newly released emails has caused Clinton’s slim lead in the polls to shrink. Now, a recent ABC News Poll shows that Trump has a one point lead over the former Secretary of State.

On Wednesday’s episode, Goldberg confronts Conway about her candidate’s repeated conspiratorial claims. Conway says she loves the new poll and always has.

However, Goldberg quickly points out that the Trump campaign hated polls because they believe all of them be rigged.

“It’s our favorite poll,” Conway says right before Goldberg interjects, “Wait, didn’t you guys say the polls were rigged?”

At this point, Conway denies the claim but does not dispute the other allegations.

“Actually your man did say that,” Goldberg says. “Your man said for a while that the polls were rigged. I’m just saying, that’s what he said.”

Goldberg asks Conway whether she loves the media now, as well. Conway goes onto say that she’s “always been pro-media.” She adds that “not all” media is crooked even though the campaign has consistently said so.

Then, Goldberg unloads by calling out the Trump campaign’s hypocrisy.

“He said, the media is crooked, the polls are crooked, everything was crooked, and now he’s doing better because they’re neck-in-neck, and I’m just wondering, will it be crooked again if he slips in the polls? Are we back to crooked?”

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