Kevin Gates’ 6 Month Sentencing Drums up Comparisons to Brock Turner

Rapper Kevin Gates was sentenced to six months in jail for assaulting a fan at a concert leading fans to draw comparisons to convicted ex-Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner.

Atlanta Black Star reported a jury charged Turner with three counts of felony sexual assault in March. He previously held a conviction of two rape charges, but officials dropped them. The case stemmed from Turner sexually penetrating an unconscious woman after a frat party in January.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to a six-month sentence. But the 20-year-old only served three months.

Wednesday, WFLA reported a jury of six women found Gates guilty of battery following a September 2015 incident where he kicked a female fan at Rumors nightclub. Video captured the incident, which occurred in Lakeland, Florida. 18-year-old Miranda Dixon said she tried to touch Gates and on her third try, he assaulted her.

Gates faced a one-day trial where he previously attempted to use the Stand Your Ground argument. The rapper later admitted to kicking Dixon but declared self-defense as his reasoning.

On Twitter, users discussed the differences between Turner and Dixon’s convictions.

Ang. deemed America “a joke” since Turner served three months after raping an intoxicated woman compared to Gate’s double battery sentencing.

D. Dunn also thought something was missing between the men’s sentences. He completed his tweet with the hashtag #FreeGates.

@ultimate_advise called the justice system “corrupt.”

Users also mentioned Gates’ proclamation that “all lives matter.”

In an interview with 106 KMEL in February, the rapper shared he began to “speak to [authorities] with respect” after his two-time felony conviction.

“I’ve never had a problem since I’ve changed my ways,” Gates explained. “So I don’t feel like ‘Black Lives Matter,’ I’m talking about ‘All Lives Matter.’ ”

Jonathan Basquiat found Gates’ words humorous in wake of the white female jury’s findings.

Nasty Hombre thought his ancestors punished Gates since he proclaimed “all lives matter.”

“I guess all lives don’t matter,” OG decided after Gates’ sentencing.


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