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CNN Panel Shocked That Trump’s Surrogate Is So Blinded by Her Own Race-Baiting

On the Oct. 20 edition of “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” Donald Trump surrogate Kayleigh McEnany claims the real estate mogul’s campaign will be affected by an onslaught of voter fraud in Black neighborhoods.

In the clip, McEnany insists that well-armed New Black Panther members will intimidate Trump voters come Election Day.

“I think he’s setting up a scenario where he wants supporters to be vigilant,” she starts. “He doesn’t want a scenario where there’s New Black Panthers outside with guns, essentially like intimidating people from coming into the polls. [Trump] wants people to be on the lookout.”

However, political commentator and journalist Peter Beinart believes that Trump and his campaign can not accept the fact that they are losing this election. Beinart minces no words and says that Trump’s claims of voter fraud are just a distraction.

“… This is a guy who, you know, prosecuted a racist campaign against [President Barack Obama] — to delegitimize our first African-American president. And now for the last few months he’s been talking again and again about voter fraud. Where does this all of this voter fraud take place? Amazingly, only in urban areas populated by you know who, so he’s going to delegitimize Hillary Clinton’s victory because she won based on Black voters. Only Black people, like Black Panther Party people commit voter fraud?”


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