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Fearless Female Warriors: How the Great Kushite Ruler Amanirenas Brought Rome to Heel

Historians paint the Roman Empire as an unstoppable force that went unchallenged, but some were brave enough to reckon with them. In some cases, those challengers met Roman troops on the battlefield and came out victorious. Kushite ruler Amanirenas (40 – 10 B.C.E) was one of those brave few who brought the Romans to their knees.

With an army of 30,000, the Kandake (queen mother) prevented the empire from imposing a tax on her lands and people. For three years, Amanirenas’ warriors manhandled the Romans, proving that the “unstoppable” force was indeed beatable. In this latest Atlanta Black Star original, we look at the 3-year-long fight and the incredible story of one of Africa’s greatest leaders.

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