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5 Eurocentric Myths About Black History, and Pictures That Disprove Them


moore painting

It Was Europeans Who Carried Civilization to ‘Primitive Africans’  

Not only were African people the first people on the planet, but there is plenty of evidence to show that Black people built and maintained many of the world’s earliest and most magnificent civilizations.

The Greeks are considered by many Euro-American scholars to be the first civilized Europeans. But a preponderance of evidence demonstrates that this Mediterranean society has the Black Africans of the Nile Valley to thank for their contributions to Grecian art, architecture, math and science.

The Greeks passed on this acquired culture to the Romans who ultimately lost it, thus initiating the Dark Ages that lasted for 500 years. Civilization was again restored to Europe when another group of Black Africans, the Moors, brought the Dark Ages to an end.

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21 thoughts on “5 Eurocentric Myths About Black History, and Pictures That Disprove Them

  1. it is so exciting to know more of your culture.

  2. Loving Lotus says:

    All true

  3. Ivan Irby says:


  4. Khin Ninson says:

    Why aren't these taught in Schools in Africa. I am so so disappointed 🙁

  5. Binary code on an ancient Ishango Bone.

  6. These thing, s aren, t taught in 'any' schools So you have to search, teach, reveal. As we have truly ancient history, s….

  7. Mandy Reed says:

    Everyone should know about the Dogon Tribe of Mali too! They had astronomy, mathematics, and other sciences mastered over a millennium ago. Modern tech, with computers just caught up with them this past century. Now they're asking the Dogons questions about the future.

  8. Mandy Reed says:

    Also, all Euro Americans are now calling the truth, "Revisionist History." They can't take the evidence on Earth and it's about to get real hot in this bitch. RA!

  9. Emma Almeida says:

    Afrocentrism is really funny

  10. if you're talking about Dogons you're talking muslims again here. Their mathematical skils came from algebra, they've studied astronomy medicine etc all thanks to Islam. I know it's a given fact that most black Christians and westerners have their soft sot for their Christian beliefs and t often keeps them in denial and bias towards ISLAM. But what I hate most s this so called upbeat for back consciousness inspite of one main fact that my color doesn't automatically makes me infallible. I'd be arrogant for even, at that thought.,

  11. Mandy Reed says:

    Anthon Christopher Sorry, Hun, but Islam didn't exist yet when the Dogons began mapping out the stars. Islam was invented until the 7th century. Muslims actually persecuted the Dogons and stole a lot of their practices, I'll put some links below for you. I think you're confusing your responses "…you're talking muslims again here" I don't recall ever communicating with you or mentioning Muslims.

  12. Mandy Reed says:

    Anthon Christopher Muslims persecuting Dogons
    Dogons predate Islam and Islam stole some of their concepts.

  13. Maka Taylor says:

    "However, based on the curriculum of Western Civilization(University of Phoenix) —I am led to believe that even though the earliest human remains found are African (and a woman), and despite (discount) the plausible conclusion that civilizations existed prior to the european colonizing; which would ultimately suggest that Afrikan society had bustling civilization long before the european came to power. That, he, the greek;, civilized civilization. Bullox."

  14. More afrocentric idiocy from the nation of Islam nuts. Sorry to burst your uneducated uninformed revisionist history bubble but the Moors were Caucasian Berbers and Arabs not sub Saharan African blacks. Blacks were the castrated slaves of the Arabs

  15. Not that stupid baboons bone with scratch marks again. It just proves blacks eat monkeys but considering blacks eat each other lol

  16. Emma Almeida we all know that you don't really believe that, you are just consumed with hatred for us and making racist statements makes you feel good in your cold, rotten heart..

  17. Emma Almeida says:

    Sorry, i just believe in science, not in pseudoscience such as afrocentrism , arianism , ufology etc…..

  18. Ptah Tatenen says:

    Emma Almeida How does science disprove anything in this article? You're rediculous. African History seems to have a threatening effect on people. Eurocentric ideologes are all over the place, but we offend people when we speak of the true nature of our History.

  19. Sambo Jallo says:

    Emma Almeida So if you believe in science like you suggest it you agree with this article i guess because those exemples in the article are scientific facts

  20. Pa Lew says:

    You must be the product of one of those Euro-Brazilians. The type they are trying to replace Native and Afro-Brazilians.

  21. Grey NW says:

    MandyDoll Doll those muslims were fulani, another african group, and muslims didnt learn numbers and astrology from the fulani who apprently stole it from the dogon. None of your links even imply that their was stealing goin on as a drivin factor between the fulani and dogon, more territory.

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