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Bishop Eddie Long Says God Healed Him After Illness

In an Oct. 9 pastoral anniversary service, DeKalb County, Georgia pastor Bishop Eddie Long tells his congregation that he has been healed after a battle with an unknown illness.

The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church leader’s announcement comes months after saying that he had changed his diet. Back in August, Long said that he gave up fried and fast foods to improve his health.

“But you know what. I wasn’t going to get there by stopping by Popeyes. That was my weakness. The biscuits with honey and chicken wangs, spicy, and all of that. Many of us are still eating from a slave menu; you need to check that out.”

His new diet consists of raw vegetables and other healthier, holistic options.

According to a September Atlanta Black Star report, there were rumors circulating around the net claiming Long may have had cancer.

“I’ve been on a journey and just recalibrating myself,” Long says in the video provided by YouTube user Miz Justice. “And like I said. I had some health issues and God has healed me. The manifestation is coming through, and we stand in that.”

Long made his announcement after a month-long sabbatical, per The Christian Post.

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