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Self-Proclaimed Indiana White Supremacist Confesses to Killing Black Man and Possibly Others

A Fort Wayne, Indiana man jailed for a fatal August stabbing tells a guard he killed a man because he was Black.

The self-proclaimed white supremacist, 32-year old Aaryn Snyder, confessed to the grisly murder Sept. 19. According to Fort Wayne’s NBC, Snyder walked up to an Allen County Jail guard and revealed that he killed 22-year old Samuel Hardrix because he was Black. In August, Snyder and Hardrix got into an argument. Snyder killed the man after taking away his pocket knife. He stabbed Hardrix 17 times because of an offensive term.

Subsequently, a detective spoke to Snyder and tried to read him his rights. But the man continued to reveal incriminating information. He said he killed before earning a “patch” from the white organization he claimed to be a member of.

Court documents show that Snyder killed Hardrix over money, drugs and not being respected. He reportedly said: “I killed that guy; I am looking at life and (they’re) probably going to call it a hate crime because he (Hardrix) was Black” in front of an officer and a nurse after the fight.

In addition to admitting to two murders, Snyder has been on the Allen County Sex Offender Registry since 2007. Now, he is held without bond for murder, per 21 Alive.

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