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‘Martin’ Star Tommy Ford Removed Off Life Support, Dies at 52

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UPDATE: TMZ reports that the family of ‘Martin’ star Tommy Ford has decided to remove him from life support this afternoon (Oct. 12). The actor died at 52 years old. A source told People magazine that some of his castmates were making arrangements to see him in Atlanta. Tischina Arnold who played “Pam” on the popular “Martin” sitcom was reportedly rushing to be by his side.

“She just dropped everything to fly out there,” the source said. “She was supposed to be on a carpet, but this is way more important. She’s not the only one, the entire Martin cast is getting together to be by his side.”

Just two hours ago, Ford’s co-star of five years Martin Lawrence sent him well-wishes.

Jay Mathis, Ford’s agent, confirmed the actor’s death shortly before 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Reported earlier…

Tommy Ford, the actor known for his role as Tommy Strawn on the sitcom “Martin,” has been hospitalized. Ford’s wife Gina Sasso confirmed the news to TMZ Wednesday.

A ruptured aneurysm in the actor’s stomach led to his admission into an Atlanta hospital Sunday. In the days after his arrival, Ford’s health has plummeted. Now, Ford is on life support.

Although it is anticipated Ford won’t make it through the night, Sasso said the family continues to keep him in their prayers. After tweeting misinformation about his friend’s passing, actor Anthony Anderson urged fans to pray for Ford.

“He needs us more than ever,” Anderson wrote. “There is still hope if you have faith.”

Twitter user @iBleedMuzk88, a singer based in Atlanta, stated he was at the hospital with Ford. He urged his followers to pray for the 52-year-old and maintained that Ford was still alive.

Actress Terri Vaughn also disputed claims that Ford died. She then encouraged others to “pray for a miracle.”

Fans also tweeted messages of support. They spurred several hashtags, including #PrayForTommyFord.

Ford – known as Martin Lawrence’s best friend with an unknown job on the 1990s sitcom – shared that he underwent knee replacement surgery on Sept. 28. on Instagram. He documented his recovery in the weeks after, including physical therapy.

“I can’t wait until the recovering process is over so I can GET BACK TO WORK DAWG!” he wrote days after surgery on Oct. 3.

Vibe reported the actor had been working on a documentary before his hospitalization this week.

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