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Former UGA Running Back Herschel Walker Explains Why he Still Supports Trump

In an Oct. 11 interview with TMZ Sports, famed University of Georgia football player Herschel Walker says he will continue to stand behind Donald Trump. The former running back defends the real estate tycoon even after the release of a controversial 2005 tape where Trump suggested lewd sexual acts on female fans.

In the clip, he defiantly tells interviewers that Trump is still a better choice for Commander in Chief than a career politician like Hillary Clinton.

“First of all, it was 2005,” Walker starts. “[He’s] a reality TV star [running] for president. So what he’s done years ago … is show business as I call it … I’m tired of politicians. What I mean is that I am tired of people telling me something and nothing ever gets done. I know this a tough situation … It’s our fault we kept Congress … in office forever … Everyone has done stupid things.”

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