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8 Incredible Aging Black Athletes Who Are Completely Defying Time 


Herschel Walker

Former NFL star running back Herschel Walker may be 53 years old, but you would still struggle to find many people willing to step into the ring with the football star-turned-cage fighter. As a versatile athlete, he has also been active in bobsledding and sprinting when he isn’t working on his mixed martial arts for the cage.




Nolan Shaheed

At the age of 65, Nolan Shaheed has been more focused on his music, but that doesn’t mean he is hanging up his running shoes for good. The grandmaster runner set a world record in 2012 when he became the first man over 60 to complete a mile in less than five minutes. By the time he was 64, his running pace hadn’t changed much as he completed a mile in 5 minutes and 3 seconds at the same event, the Ithaca Journal reported.

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