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Grenadian-Born Tawana Paul Is Youngest Woman to Launch and Run Her Own Transportation Company


The techniques and dreams that are sometimes repressed into our unconscious can in fact become a part of our consciousness and lives if the hunches are followed. This premonition was how it all began for a 10-year-old immigrant girl from the island of Grenada, West Indies.

Tawana St. Paul knew immediately she wanted to own a taxi and limousine company from the moment she stepped into a luxurious cab for the first time in New York City.

“I liked the luxury feeling, and I always have an entrepreneurial vision,” the now bubbling 26-year-old business professional stated.

To some people that gut feeling might have been dismissed. However, for this young girl, intuition is the first step she will use to follow her dreams.

St. Paul is a young business entrepreneur who attended the Mahalia Jackson Middle school and later Medgar Evers College high school, in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. Her vigor, self motivation and strong support from family, including her mother, Sophie St. Paul, who is a New York City school teacher, helped propel her and set the part for making the decision to attend The City University of New York to pursue an undergraduate degree in arts and architecture.

While at City University, a twist of fate had St. Paul moving in another direction after the first two years in college.

“So many people in college were dying around me, even my best friend died; I left college and went into the ministry of the Brooklyn Assemblies of God.”

This time around, St. Paul’s family did not support her, and although strongly spiritual, Tawana left the ministry and went back to her childhood dream and started working with one of the city’s biggest transportation companies in Brooklyn. Her tenure at this company was a five-year one. This experience helped triggered her entrepreneurial drive again, wanting to own her own limousine and taxi company.

St. Paul also saw the high productivity level within this company.

“Sales increased, and after seeing the volume of funds and the way the industry operates, I [knew] I wanted my own company,” St. Paul echoed.

She found time to attend the transportation training classes at the CUNY Continuing Education Program in Queens, New York, by participating in and completing the program.

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