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Detroit Activist Group Confronts Pastor for His Lavish Lifestyle and Neglecting the Community

Detroit activists confronted a minister who they believe has robbed their community and gotten rich off of his congregation.

The confrontation started after members of the New Era Detroit activist group stormed Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s Great Faith Ministries church in late September. The activists attempted to interrupt services but security and parishioners forced the intruders out.

According to FOX 2, the activists had several grievances they wanted Jackson to pay for. The New Era Detroit group did not like that Jackson invited Donald Trump to his church. They also find the Bishop’s lavish lifestyle disrespectful. However, Jackson says he does not answer to them. FOX 2 reports that a warrant will go out for the arrest for the activist group’s leader, Zeek.

“Who made him? Who voted for him? Did the governor put him in office,” Jackson tells reporters. “Who made him the deputy for Black folks or Black churches? I have bought washers and dryers for elderly people,” he says. “We have taken and had dinners at my home for school children. I have people living in my home right now that were homeless and they’re not paying me a dime.”

A week prior to Jackson’s sit-down with FOX 2, reporters spoke to Zeek about the church scuffle.

“The situation is bigger than just Wayne T. Jackson,” Zeek tells reporters. “This is about Black churches and Black pastors who live a lavish life on behalf of the people, and they are not giving back to their community.”

Zeek believes the church is asking parishioners to give a $1,000. But Jackson denies such claims. He adds that he has hosted food drives, holiday dinners, and helped with job placement as a bishop.

“I’ve been a pastor for 30 years now,” Jackson proclaims. “And we’ve been serving the community for 30 years.”

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