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Why is a $10M Harvard Study Needed to Prove to Policy Makers That Racism Exists?

On the Oct. 6 edition of CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Harvard University sociologist William Julius Wilson discussed the university’s new initiative to tackle racism in America.

The “Multidimensional Inequality in the 21st Century: the Project on Race and Cumulative Adversity” initiative was made possible by a $10 million grant from the Hutchins Family Foundation. Wilson and his colleagues will create solutions that tackle poverty, crime, housing and homelessness in Black communities.

In the clip, Wilson tells hosts that graduate students will put their findings into present-day context. There will be a variety of interviews, surveys and empirical data that shows the impact of racism on Black people.

“People have been exposed to multiple and reinforcing hardships,” Wilson starts. “What we hope to do is to analyze these problems at once. Our goal is to provide information to policymakers who want to make good decisions,” he explains. “We have the opportunity to do non-ideological, evidence-based policy making.”

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