Issa Rae Opens Up About Not ‘Feeling Black Enough’ Growing Up

On the Oct. 4 edition of ABC’s “The View,” actress Issa Rae stops by to talk about her new HBO series “Insecure.”

In the clip, Rae reveals that she struggled with fitting in as a young child. She was constantly moving from place to place, and that did not make things easier for her.

“I have learned to become confident with my insecurities,” she says. ” I embrace the fact that I am awkward … When you’re growing up you really don’t want to stand out. Going to an all-white school, you are constantly standing out … Not feeling Black enough when you are darker than everybody there, [I wondered] what am I then.”

Rae says her experience was sobering but inspired her work in her “Awkward Black Girl” series and “Insecure.”

Her latest project will air on HBO Friday, Oct. 7.

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