Solange Met Gala Dress Turned Heads But It’s What Was In Her Purse That Has Fans Buzzing

Solange Knowles shut it down at the Met Gala Monday night, sporting a black Iris van Herpen gown and an unapologetically Black fashion staple — a du-rag — and a braided crown.

But while her dress and hairstyle made waves, one thing that many people were curious about was the item in her fishnet Swarovski crystal-embroidered purse.

While E! News reported the Florida water Solange was toting around was the singer’s “favorite beverage,” it’s actually not meant for consumption.

In reality, Pop Sugar reported Florida water is technically a cologne that’s actually used for cleansing rituals in Voodoo, Wiccan, and Santeria ceremonies. It can be found on a religious altar, while others prefer to apply it directly to their bodies to calm the nerves and keep sadness at bay.

The singer has mentioned her use of Florida water in an April Dazed magazine article. In a thank you letter to Jamaica — where she wrote her follow up to the critically acclaimed album “A Seat At the Table” — Solange said the following of Runaway Bay.

“I’ve been looking at photos of this house in Runaway Bay for five years. Wanting to know if it could tell my secrets. If it could hold me. If I could write music, and drink wine, and draw sketches, and sleep well naked and invent new ways to say how I feel. If I could burn my sage, and wash my hands with Florida water right there on the porch until I feel renewed.

“It did. It does. I am hugging this house. Kissing her feet. She is a vessel,” she added.

So for fans familiar with Solange’s spirituality, they found the E! News explanation about the liquid strange.


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