Nate Parker Reacts to Pressure to Apologize About Rape Case: ‘I Was Falsely Accused’

On the Oct. 3 edition of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” co-host Robin Roberts continues to press director Nate Parker about his past rape case while he promotes his film “The Birth of a Nation.”

Since August, Parker has been bombarded with questions about his 17-year-old rape case involving a female student when he was a wrestler at Penn State.

Last night, “The Birth of a Nation” star sat down with CBS’ “60 Minutes” to address the case once more. This time Parker said that he will not apologize for the incident because he was acquitted of all wrongdoing. But the filmmaker did offer the victim’s family condolences for her unfortunate suicide.

“I’ll say this,” Parker told Anderson Cooper. ” … It’s tragic what happened and what this family has had to endure … I was falsely accused. I went to court and sat in trial … [And] I was vindicated. But apology … No.”

In the segment, Roberts asked the director this morning about the case, but Parker quickly dodged her questions.

“… Did you see the ’60 Minutes’ last night,” he asks. ” … I keep talking about it … I said it last night [that] I was falsely accused.”

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