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Movie Goer Exposes Delaware Theater for Falsely Claiming ‘Birth of a Nation’ was Sold Out

Last week, a Black movie goer live streams himself being told theaters playing the “Birth of a Nation” was sold out in Wilmington, Delaware. However, the disgruntled customer finds out that his local Regal Cinemas was not completely honest.

In an 11-minute Facebook live stream, user Devon Walls exposes what he believes to be a conspiracy preventing Black people from seeing “Birth of a Nation.” According to his testimony, Walls was instructed to see the latest Ben Affleck film “The Accountant” instead.

“They told me that ‘The Accountant’ was a good film. But I didn’t want to see [that film]. I wanted to see ‘The Birth of a Nation.’ I go into ‘Birth of a Nation’s theater [anyhow] there were only three people in there. All of the people sitting in there told them that the show was sold out— which it wasn’t. It was a lie. And I’m letting you know that they’re saying that just to get ratings …

When Walls asks why the theater was sold out if there were only less than five people in the screening, the clerk retorted, “that’s what the screen told me.”  Afterwards, the clerk recommends that Walls speak to a manager.

He accepts her recommendation and impatiently paces around the lobby. Walls admits that he expects the state troopers to come into the movie complex because “‘Birth of a Nation’ is being blackballed” and he is not having it.


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