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#ForeverDuncan Sparks Beautiful Recognition of Black Love

A proposal-turned surprise wedding between an African-American couple made the internet emotional on Sunday. And social media followed the day-long event using the hashtag #ForeverDuncan.

Mambo Sauce Band singer and SOJA band MC Alfred Duncan led his then-girlfriend Sherrell Woodward – who works as a personal trainer – on what he called a day of servitude.

Duncan captured the day’s events by posting on Woodward’s Instagram page.

“She has no idea the [kind] of day she is about to endure,” he wrote in a video caption, complete with #ForeverDuncan.

In the clip, the couple is seen discussing Woodward’s dislike of not being in control.

Then, in a video by Holla Definition documenting the proposal, Woodward’s daughter Gabby led her to Duncan where he asked his girlfriend to marry him.

She said yes.

After following her fiance’s guidelines of servitude, Woodward gets dressed up in a long-sleeved black lace shirt and a black skirt with a wedding dress-like train.

Woodward, who is a former model according to her website, is told she’s needed to try on an “elegant, untouchable” ensemble.

But when she arrived at her wedding location, the future Mrs. Duncan is overcome with emotion as she realized she would marry her fiance that same day.

“I love you with my whole heart, baby,” Woodward, whose Instagram name is now Sherrell D, told her groom as they exchanged vows. “I can’t imagine what my life would be without you.”

Later, the proposal and wedding caught fire on Instagram and Twitter.

Many shared videos and messages of support.

“True love does exist!” Queen Marr posted.

Nikisha tweeted a classic GIF from “America’s Next Top Model.”

Fearless called the #ForeverDuncan story “truly beautiful.”

Charm Neal wished the newlyweds “a million years of happiness.”

Raja Leo said the tale “just got my whole life together.”

DJ Heat said she “may have shed a tear” over Woodward’s vows to her soon-to-be husband.

On Instagram, Joshua Farr shared a hilarious meme in reaction to the celebration of Black love.

@irock_iwrite shared this humorous take on many women’s feelings after seeing #ForeverDuncan.

User @vee0829 also used a meme in response to the Duncans’ emotional show of love.

And after sifting through the reaction online, the Duncans thanked their supporters on Instagram.

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