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Shannon Sharpe Has Something to Say About President Obama’s Response to Military on Anthem Protest 

On the Sept. 30 edition of FOX Sports One’s “Undisputed,” commentators Shannon Sharpe and Rob Parker educates white viewers on the myth of “Black-on-Black crime.”

In the segment, Parker and Sharpe responds to President Barack Obama’s recent statements regarding Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest. During Wednesday’s CNN Town Hall, Obama tells a military servicemen that Kaepernick and other players have a right to protest police brutality.

“… I want them to listen to the pain of those [who may have lost a loved one in war]. But I also want people to think about the pain that he may be expressing about somebody who’s lost a loved one that they think was unfairly shot.”

However, on today’s episode, the commentators acknowledge that the president can not speak freely. So they decided to piggyback on his comments and discuss race in America. In addition, they dismantle the perception that Black people are the only people committing crime.

“… 83 percent of all white people are killed by white people Skip,” Parker exclaims. “You never heard the term white-on-white crime have you?” Sharpe adds that he gets what Obama was saying because he was in the company of military service people. He wants people who have served the nation to understand that Black people have suffered hundreds of years.

“In our community, if Rob does something and we find out Rob did it. Rob is going to jail … If Pookey kills Ray-Ray … He’s getting 25 to life.”

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