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Twitter Reacts to Upcoming Remake of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’

Promotional image of "The Lion King" (Walt Disney Pictures)

Promotional image of “The Lion King” (Walt Disney Pictures)

The Walt Disney Company announced Wednesday they’re diving into the vault with a “reimagining” of 1994’s The Lion King. The film, which centers on a lion’s journey to take his place as king, will be helmed by director Jon Favreau.

Though Disney said the film is currently “on the fast track to production,” they noted a release date has not be announced. Casting news has yet to be revealed, but songs from the hand-drawn original will be included in the remake.

Still, E! News reported the animation giant listed two “Untitled Disney Live Action” films slated for release on Aug. 3, 2018 and Dec. 25, 2018.

Reaction to the news has been mixed, ranging from excitement to disapproval.

NUFF$AID hoped Disney wouldn’t “mess up” the reboot.

@C_da_Esquire didn’t understand why a remake was necessary when the company’s 1990s version took cues from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

In the past, movie fans also accused The Lion King of ripping off from Japanese-animated American series, “Kimba, the White Lion,” according to The Huffington Post.

PantheR told the studio to “keep it.”

Actress Audra McDonald tweeted at Disney to let them know her dog was ready to take on the film.

Responding to Favreau’s tweet of the news, Bianca Addison said she was excited but warned him about ruining The Lion King.

Mbonigaba Yusuf, a usual hater of reboots, shared he was “super hyped.”

@RoRogerThat seemed stunned about the remake.

And Frana Del Rey expressed cautious excitement over the news based on the favorable turn out of Disney’s The Jungle Book remake.


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