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Breaking: D.C. Police Department Release Cam Footage of #TerrenceSterling Case


On Sept. 27, Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department released bodycam footage of Fort Washington, Maryland resident Terrence Sterling’s last moments after a fatal police encounter.

Atlanta Black Star reported that police pulled Sterling over at 4:30 a.m. on Sept. 11 for riding his motorcycle erratically. In the initial reports, the 31-year-old motorist struck a police vehicle before officers fatally shot at him.

On the day of the police-involved shooting, officers did not turn on their cams until after the incident. FOX 5 D.C. reports that officers involved were required to turn on their body cams before any encounter begins. But the officers on scene failed to do so.

The footage above shows the bloody aftermath. In the video, two officers work frantically to revive Sterling. However, the man’s lifeless body continues to bleed out. One officer goes into the back of the police interceptor to grab a first aid kit. While the other tries to preform CPR.

In the background, a witness yells profanities in utter shock.


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