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Allen West Believes Black Values Are Rooted In Conservative Ideology, Is He Right ?

On the Sept. 28 edition of FOX Business’ “Varney & Co,” conservative commentator Allen West posits that Black people were better off during segregation.

In the segment, West says that Black values are rooted in conservative ideology. After the failed policies of the democratic party, Black people should realize that liberals have failed them, he says. “You can trace that right back to a failed policy from Lyndon Johnson,” he explains. The government provided checks to women who had children out of wedlock as long as they did not have a man in the home.”

According to him, Blacks share common ideological traits with Republicans. West added that Black people prospered under segregation.

“You know, the Black community was stronger it seems during the issues of segregation. When you had families that where intact. You had communities that were standing up. When you had better education opportunities. I think that is another important thing.”

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