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This Former Black Congressman Is Upset the West Point Cadets Did Not Get Punished: ‘It’s a Double Standard’

On Wednesday’s episode of Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Black conservative commentator Lt. Col. Allen West said the controversy and punishment over the West Point cadets’ Black power photo would have been treated differently if they were white.

The young women who posed in that photo were not penalized for their involvement, according to an Atlanta Black Star report.

According to West, they were let off easy:

“Undoubtedly I’ll have to disagree with West Point because they were in uniform, and you don’t make those type of political statements in the uniform. But the most important thing we must realize is that the progressive left has created this incredible hypersensitive racial atmosphere in America. And just imagine if those were white male cadets and they were being — taking a picture with a Confederate flag. Everyone would be screaming about an investigation of West Point and how they need to be disciplined and probably expelled from the school, but yet these young ladies are going to go on and get commissioned as army officers.”

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