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Footage Shows Houston Metropolitan Police Beating Homeless Man Senseless, Officer Resigns

On Sept. 26, a Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority Police officer resigned after surveillance footage captured him beating a homeless loiterer.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Officers Jairus Warren and D. Reynoso approached a homeless man, Darrell Giles, resting at a Houston rail station Sept. 16 at 7:30 a.m.

In the footage, Warren tells Giles to get up, and he complies.

Before an onslaught of about 10 blows, Warren and Giles engage in a quick exchange.

Then, the homeless man falls to the ground, rolling in agony.

Warren’s partner Reynoso urges him to stop beating Giles, and the Black officer stops.

After the incident, Reynoso informed superiors about the  altercation.

The Chronicle reports that the police department has released other videos to soften the public scrutiny.

However, Chief Vera Bumpers told the news outlet that Giles initiated the confrontation.

“They had dealt with him a couple of times earlier that morning. He was combative and was not cooperative on any occasions.”

Now, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office will launch an investigation and may bring charges.

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