Three Days After a Baltimore County Police Encounter, #TawonBoyd Dies of Heart, Kidney Failure

On Sept. 21, a 21-year-old Middle River, Maryland man died after a fight with police.

According to CBS Baltimore, Baltimore County Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at Tawon Boyd’s residence Sunday.

When five BCP officers arrived on scene, Boyd was allegedly acting strange.

Officers say the man was screaming at his girlfriend and appeared to be intoxicated, per the police report.

CBS Baltimore reports Boyd ran around and tried to enter an officer’s vehicle at one point.

The man allegedly continued to kick and wrestle with arresting officers. Police said they had to use force to subdue him.

In addition, BCP officers reported that they tried to take the man to a hospital for an emergency evaluation, but Boyd refused.

However, his fiancé Deona Styron tells reporters that Boyd told officers he could not breathe.

According to her account, the five officers were on top of him, and one of the arresting officers had their arm around his neck punching Boyd.

Styron adds that her fiancé was lying on the ground for 20 minutes when help arrived.

The Associated Press reports that Styron called 911 Sunday because she believed Boyd may have needed medical attention.

Family attorney Latoya Francis-Williams told the AP that Boyd’s heart and kidneys failed, resulting in his death.

There are now several ongoing investigations into his death.

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