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Michael Jordan’s Call for ‘Calm’ After Charlotte Protests Met with Backlash

Michael Jordan (Facebook)

Michael Jordan (Facebook)

NBA legend and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan is calling for North Carolina to “restore calm.”

Hundreds of Black residents took to the streets of the southern city beginning Sept. 20 in the wake of police shooting and killing 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott.

Police said Scott, a disabled Black man, emerged from his vehicle holding a gun. But his daughter said he read a book as he waited in the car for his child.

On Sept. 22, the state Governor Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency after the outpouring of outrage, according to Atlanta Black Star.

That same day, Jordan released the following statement through the Hornets asking that protesters engage in “peaceful demonstration and conversation.”

“First, I want to express my condolences to the Scott family for their loss. I also wish for a full recovery to those who have been injured.

“In light of the tragic events of the past three days, it is more important than ever that we restore calm and come together, as a community, in peaceful demonstration and conversation, and in constructive and non-violent ways.

As part of the fabric of Charlotte, the Hornets organization is committed to working with civic leaders, our elected leaders and law enforcement to foster more trust, transparency and understanding so we can heal and grow together as a community.”

Jordan’s statement, which he issued after people looted the Hornets store at the Spectrum Center on Sept. 21 according to WCNC, won praise with readers of a conservative newspaper.

Jo Fowler thanked Jordan and said, “it’s not about color, it’s about respect.”


Steve Bizjak praised the ex-basketball player for “standing for a cause” rather than “disrespecting the flag.”


Mike Peterson thought the “very smart” Jordan should consider a presidential run after Donald Trump’s campaign.


But Black Facebook users felt fed up.

Marcus Mitchell dismissed Jordan’s statement, saying he had “no revere” outside of basketball. He also proclaimed Jordan only issued the remarks because of the lost revenue from the Hornets store.


Meanwhile, Sheryl Nelson also accused Jordan of simply “protecting” his brand and urged him to open a school to help the Black community.

Jordan’s comments on the ongoing rallies follow his recent comments on police brutality. And, the former athlete awarded massive charity donations to aid Black causes and discussions between cops and African-Americans.

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