Colin Kaepernick’s Birthmother Slams ‘Destructive’ and ‘Shaming’ U.S. Anthem Protest

Heidi Russo and birth son Colin Kaepernick (Twitter/Facebook)

Heidi Russo and birth son Colin Kaepernick (Twitter/Facebook)

As more supporters and detractors react to Colin Kaepernick’s protest, one unexpected voice is speaking out. Heidi Russo is the 49ers’quarterback’s birthmother. She took to Twitter to share her thoughts on her now 28-year-old son’s political choice.

Kaepernick revealed he will not rise for the national anthem during the upcoming season until “[a] significant change” occurs. He said he made the decision to protest based on the country’s oppression of Black people.

Tagging him in a tweet Aug. 27, Russo told Kaepernick he can “make change without disrespecting and bringing shame” to America. She also said it disgraced the “family who afforded you so many blessings.”

She followed by sharing some motherly advice, including hashtags that display her experience and told him to “be smarter” and “respectful.”

After many people tweeted her for criticizing the NFL player, Russo commented on users who sit “in their glass houses throwing stones.” The tweet references respondents who questioned why she gave up Kaepernick for adoption in the first place.

She included a hashtag that read, “adoption is a blessing.”

Russo then explained Aug. 28 placing her son for adoption was not “giving up” but rather she gave him “the life he deserved.”

The Colorado resident wound up directly responding to some of the backlash she received from Kaepernick supporters.

She pointed out she “never said standing up for injustice is wrong.”

“Don’t twist what I said to make a racial point,” she added.

Thinking a user accused her of being racist for placing half-Black Kaepernick for adoption, Russo denied it. The mother of three other boys said she would have chosen abortion if that were so.

As Kaepernick’s protest stemmed from police violence against Black men, Russo also explained she knew there was an issue with police brutality. However, she did not believe killing officers solved the issue.

The non-profit co-founder also addressed questions of her not supporting Kaepernick’s cause. She noted she “never said he didn’t have a point or that I didn’t support his cause.”

Today, Russo shared an opinion piece disagreeing with Kaepernick’s stance, demanding he apologizes and pointing out his wealth.

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