Maxine Waters Furious Over New #KeithScott Footage: ‘I See No Reason Why This Man Had to Be Murdered, None!’

On the Sept. 23 edition of “MSNBC Live,” California Rep. Maxine Waters comments on 43-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina man Keith Scott’s last moments revealed in newly released footage.

In the heartbreaking footage, Rakeyia Scott pleads with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police to not fire at her husband.

She tells officers that her husband is unarmed and that he just finished taking his medicine.

Yet, officers did not heed her pleas. A storm of gunshots rang out. And Rakeyia moves closer to her husband’s body on the ground.

“He better not be f—ing dead, he better not be f—ing dead,” Rakeyia Scott shouts at the officers. “He better live!”

In the news clip, Waters says that she does not need to see anymore evidence. The Congressional Black Caucus member believes and supports the wife’s testimony.

“No police was in danger. [Keith Scott] was not threatening anybody. Even if they had to sit there and wait it out until she talked him out, why did they have to advance and kill him … I see no reason why this man had to be murdered. None !”

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