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Non-Aligned Movement States Want Greater Role in UN Reform

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon UN Photo/Evan Schneider

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
UN Photo/Evan Schneider

MARGARITA ISLAND, Venezuela — Caribbean, Latin American and other developing nations across the world are appealing for more say in the process of reforming the United Nations (UN). And they also want more say, too, in the selection of the next top officer at the world’s most important body.

Heads of state and government of the 120-member Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) met on Saturday and Sunday for their 17th summit on Margarita Island in Venezuela, where they called for more consideration of developing countries in how and when changes are made at and to the international body.

In a Declaration issued to the press on Monday morning, the NAM leaders “reiterated the need to recover and strengthen the authority of the General Assembly as the most democratic, accountable, universal and representative body of the Organization.”

“In this regard,” the declaration added, “they encouraged the establishment of a harmonious and balanced relationship between the main bodies of the Organization, on the basis of the prerogatives provided in the Charter of the United Nations.”

It continued, “They further called for the reform of the Security Council, in order to transform it into a more democratic, effective, efficient, transparent and representative body, and in line with contemporary geo-political realities.”

The NAM leaders also addressed the matter of the selection and appointment of the secretary general of the United Nations.

A process has started that seems to have excluded candidates and views of developing nations that constitute the vast majority of UN member-states. The developing nations also have problems with the mechanisms being used to select the next UN chief.

In this regard, according to the Declaration, “They underlined the central role that corresponds to the General Assembly in the process of selection and appointment of the secretary general of the United Nations.”

However, the NAM leaders also went on to reaffirm “the need for greater transparency and inclusiveness in the current process of selection and appointment, with due regard to the principles of geographical rotation and gender equality, in the process of selection and appointment of the Secretary General of the United Nations.”

The NAM leaders issued the declaration just as world leaders are also gathering in New York for a High Level meeting to discuss the Global Refugees and Migrant Crisis. (The Diplomatic Courier)

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