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‘The Wire’ Creator Attempts to Explain ‘Sarcastic’ Use of N-Word, But it Doesn’t Work

David Simon (Twitter)

David Simon (Twitter)

Creator of the award-winning HBO series “The Wire” earned disapproval from Twitter users when he used the n-word. David Simon tweeted the term in response to Sean Hannity hosting a town hall with Donald Trump.

According to, the Republican presidential candidate is set to host the gathering at Cleveland Heights, a Black church in Ohio. It is described as a “meeting on African-American concerns.” Height’s pastor, Darrell Scott, is a public Trump advocate.

The segment is scheduled to air on Hannity’s Wednesday night Fox News program, “Hannity.”

“Hannity my n—-!” Simon began his ill-fated joke. “If they couldn’t get Ta-Nehisi [Coates] or DeRay [Mckesson] to host, then who but you on the pulse of Black America?”

Simon emphasized his point after facing blowback from his distasteful tweet.

He explained he used the n-word “with an A” on purpose to make fun of the inappropriate casting of Hannity as the moderator in a meeting about African-American affairs.

He added he “can’t help” it if anyone is “enraged” by his sarcasm.

White user @Sendna_51 suggested Simon “rethink” using the racially-charged word.

But Simon doubled down on his caustic use of the n-word.

Then, a Black woman by the name BrownBecky told Simon, “you know better, you should do better.”

But the TV writer continued to defend his joke.

And when BrownBecky told Simon there were “better ways” to employ sarcasm, he responded by saying, “I regret any hurt.”

Happy Lil’ Tree wondered if Simon forgot to wear blackface.

And Elon James White summed up how many Black people reacted to the producer’s tweet.

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