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6 thoughts on “Ta-Nehisi Coates Shuts Down Obama, Clinton & Sanders’ View on Reparations in Powerful Interview, Reveals His Vote

  1. Numa Yurbiz says:

    How can any black person vote for Sanders after he said black people are not owed a debt? That is some boot licking if I've ever seen any.

  2. N Cory Gable says:

    President Trump will be finding all kinds of jobs for the black community. Free ride is just about over , homie!

  3. N Cory Gable IF anyone has gotten a free ride it is whites who enjoy their privilege off the backs of blacks you racist prig

  4. How do I complete Physical Chemistry BSc from RUTGERS UNIVERSITY and Co_OP for JNJPrUS and end up destitute and searching for money and shelter?

  5. Daron Nelson says:

    i know right! really?

  6. Daron Nelson says:

    Fairydust Windryder plus he and clinton put some many of our people in Jail.

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