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Feds Bring Charges Against Chicago Officer Who Fired into a Car Full of Teens


On Sept. 15, a Chicago Police officer was charged in federal court for a Dec. 22, 2013 shooting during a traffic stop.

What started as a routine traffic stop for speeding ended with two teens wounded from multiple gunshots.

According to FOX 32, in 2013 officer Marco Proano claimed that a car full of teenage joyriders backed into him in an attempt to run him over.

However, dashcam footage shows Proano firing into the car before the driver put the vehicle in reverse.

The former officer has been indicted for unreasonable force and violating the rights of the two teens he wounded during the shooting.

In addition, he was charged last Thursday with two counts of deprivation of rights under color of law.

Per the department’s policy, Proano claimed he shot into the vehicle to protect the passenger.

“Firing at or into a moving vehicle is only authorized to prevent death or great bodily harm to the sworn member or another person.”

But the footage refutes that claim.

Last week, the mothers of the victims settled with the city of Chicago for $360,000.

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