Mother Demands Family Dollar Store Clerk Apologize for Insulting Children’s African Attire

A mother confronts a Family Dollar store clerk for making insensitive comments about her children’s African inspired clothing.

Indianapolis, Indiana resident Nallah Mabilijengo posted video of the incident on YouTube this week.

The children told their mom that a store clerk asked them if they were going trick-or-treating.

In the 2-minute confrontation, the mother escorts her children back into the store and demands to speak to the store manager.

“… You are going to apologize to my children for your little racist a— comment,” the mother starts. “Did you ask my son if he was about to go trick-or-treating because you saw him in cultural wear … f—ing apologize. Get your manager on the phone.”

The store clerk immediately gets the manager on the phone.

“Let me tell you about Sandra’s racist a—. My beautiful Black children — dressed in their cultural garments — came to spend money in this [store]. She asked my children if they were going trick-or-treating … I have some of the most respectful children in this neighborhood … You need to fix your s—…”

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